Air Fryer Fried Pickles

Air Fryer Fried Pickles are crispy, flavorful, and so easy to make. These dill pickle slices make a great option for a simple appetizer or snack!

• Pickle chips


• Bread crumbs

• Garlic powder

• Eggs


Preheat air fryer to 380°F (if your air fryer has this function). Line paper towels on a counter or flat surface.


Place pickles on top of paper towels and then take more paper towels and blot pickles dry. Let pickles dry for about 5 minutes.


In a small bowl, add bread crumbs, garlic powder, salt, cayenne pepper. Mix well to combine. Set aside.


Add flour to a medium bowl and beaten eggs to a separate bowl.


Dredge the pickles, one at a time, first in the flour mixture, next in egg mixture, and last in the bread crumb mixture, making sure each pickle is coated well with bread crumb mixture.

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