Instant Pot Creamy Macaroni And Cheese

Made with just a few ingredients and ready in no time, it’s creamy, cheesy, and so easy to make!

• Dry elbow macaroni


• Chicken broth

• Garlic powder

• Milk

• Mozzarella cheese


You’ll start by combining everything in the Instant Pot (except the milk and cheese) and stir to combine.


The dry noodles will cook with the liquid right in the pot, so there is no need to cook them beforehand.


Once the IP comes to pressure, it will cook for 5 minutes. Yep, that’s it!


When the timer goes off, do a quick release by turning the valve to the ‘venting’ position.


Remove the lid and stir. Now it’s time to add the milk and shredded cheese. I like to start with 1/2 cup of milk and the cheese.

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